Day 159

1 - Chizo growth

2 - Gerd growth

3 - Leuk growth

4 - Keton growth

So much growth in these babies! Eeeee~!

5 - got dominance again

Plague has primary dominance again! Yay!

6 - food and scavenging

I had to grab more food. I used the extra three turns that dominance gave me to scavenge. Nothing cool, though…

7 - trinket drop

Trinket drop! I get a new derg!

8 - purchase

OMG, it’s a Coatl! Yes!

9 - Mafrea

From FR user ClockworkCourier we have pre-named Mafrea!

Contemplating whether to breed her with Tigo…or give Winse a new girlfriend… Would need another apparel drop first, regardless. And for Mafrea to live that long. We’ll see…


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