Day 160

1 - Chizo growth

2 - Gerd growth

3 - Leuk growth

4 - Keton growth

5 - Mafrea growth

So much growth~!

6 - Ieremiya chest apparel

Someone has some new chest apparel gear!

Nothing cool found while scavenging. Awww…

7 - trinket drop

…Didn’t I get this yesterday???

Either way, new derg! Yay!

8 - holy deal purchase

50 treasure? What a deal! Yes!

9 - Pero - hyperopia

From FR user Egriz comes Pero…from hyperopia…

Also, I just realized…that Pero has a brand new primary gene…and I got her for 50 treasure… WTF? That should be expensive as heck!

I guess I got lucky??


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