Day 161

1 - Chizo grown up

Look who grew up! Yay!

2 - Gerd growth

3 - Leuk growth

4 - Keton growth

5 - Mafrea growth

6 - Pero growth

So many babies! So much growth!

7 - food and scavenging

Needed to gather more food. Also scavenged for my extra 3 turns. Nothing cool was found.

8 - chest drop Shadowbinder

Got this from a chest drop, though. So many deity statues…

9 - Papillo chest apparel

Also, time to pretty-fy my Mirror kids!

10 - familiar drop

I am getting so many new dergs suddenly! Pinkerton, what are you up to?!

11 - Tundra breed

And the breed I get to grab is a Tundra! Sweet, another new breed!

12 - purchase

Purchase done!

13 - Siel

From FR user Companhia comes pre-named Siel! Not incredible genes but it’s another female dergs, so I’m good.


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