Day 162

2 - Mafrea grown up

Look who grew up! Woot woot!

3 - Gerd growth

4 - Leuk growth

5 - Keton growth

6 - Pero growth

7 - Siel growth

So many babies~!

1 - food and scavenging

Had to gather more food. Also scavenged for my extra three turns. Still nothing cool found…

8 - cute chest drop

Got this from a chest. Cute!

9 - Geri chest apparel

10 - Chemi chest apparel

11 - Psitta chest apparel

12 - Remia chest apparel

More apparel to dress up in~!

13 - familiar drop

Another familiar?! Pinkerton, you’re scaring me with all the free dergs…

14 - Skydancer breed

I get another Skydancer.

15 - purchase

Here we go!

16 - Psyche

From FR user Birdybun comes pre-named Psyche. So cute!


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