Day 163

1 - Gerd grown up

2 - Leuk grown up

3 - Keton grown up

The SafeZone boys have grown up! Yay!

4 - Pero growth

5 - Siel growth

6 - Psyche growth

So much growth~!

7 - scavenging

Went scavenging! Found some cool stuff!

8 - cute chest drop

9 - this is possible

10 - chest drop omg

The Glass Knife is from scavenging. The Emerald Brooch and the eye apparel are from chests. The apparel doesn’t really match up with anyone because it ruins the look of their face with its size, so it’ll go unused for right now.

11 - material drop

Writing! Yay!

12 - lair 1

13 - lair 2

14 - lair 3

15 - lair 4

Look at this lair, recovering from that massacre last week… Survivors, all of them!!


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