Weekly Report 24

This has been a relatively safe week compared to last week. Keep in mind, though, we still are on hard mode.

Most of our babies from last week have grown up now:

2 - Mafrea grown up

1 - Gerd grown up

2 - Leuk grown up

3 - Keton grown up

1 - Pero grown up

We also got two familiar drops in a row, so two new babies on the verge of growing up now:

2 - Siel growth

3 - Psyche growth

And SafeZone is back on the nest again as of today:

5 - SafeZone five days

Now onto what’s in the Vault, including all familiar drops:

1 - food 1

2 - food 2

3 - materials 1

4 - materials 2

5 - apparel

6 - familiars

7 - battle items

8 - other

I’ll try and catch up on those four writing pieces tomorrow after class. Sorry…


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