Day 167 part 1

1 - Siel grown up

2 - Psyche grown up

The last of my babies have grown up. Yay!

3 - SafeZone four days

Four days…

4 - scavenging

I scavenged but found nothing cool. Awww…

5 - insect drop

Uh-oh! Coliseum time again. 30 battles. Ugh…

6 - lair 1

7 - lair 2

14 - lair 3

9 - lair 4

10- party generation

Let’s see who goes!

11 - Lindro

Lindro’s first time!

12 - Ieremiya

Been a while, Ieremiya!

13 - Malar

Same to you, Malar!

14 - party

Going to Woodland Path!

Everything else today has been completed. I’ll post the rest tomorrow between classes, along with (hopefully) the writing segments that I haven’t done yet. It’s really late and I have class in seven hours. Good night.


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