I can’t ever seem to get you out of my mind

Siel smiled softly, watching him. The gray Guardian drank from the stream, not seeming to notice her.

How could one make the act of drinking water seem so majestic?

Yet Winse had done it. The way the water sparkled, casting waves of light over his scales. It was all so beautiful.

The lead Tundra smiled to herself, hidden from view downwind of the older dragon. She felt her cheeks warm. How could a guy like him not have a mate?

Yet she knew he had at one time–a rather volatile Guardian named Betes. They had had children, two of which still lived. Betes was dead, along with the rest of their children. She had been slain along with her brother Losis in Scorched Forest a week ago, before Siel had been found in the wasteland by Zone.

Was it wrong, to be grateful for the timing? Betes was dead. Siel was alive. Winse was available, though disinterested in most things now.

If given time, the Tundra was sure she could lure Winse back into happiness. Perhaps he would even take her as his next mate.

She smiled and watched. She would be patient. She was good at waiting.


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