I know you are always right here by my side

They had suffered many losses. Losses that could never be taken back. Friends and family, young and old, had lost their lives needlessly in the Scorched Forest. Nobody had gone in there since.

But the clan was slowly regaining the numbers it had lost. These new members would never be able to replace the lost loved ones in the clan, but they could bring fresh life into it.

It started with Mafrea, the tiny blue tiger-striped Coatl hatchling that Zone had found in the wastelands a week ago. Just having her there made the clan feel a bit better.

Zone rapidly found that perhaps the Plaguebringer was showing them mercy. Mafrea was just the beginning.

For four days, the tomato-red Guardian went out to hunt and scavenge in other territories. Each time he came home, it was with a new hatchling.

First was Mafrea.

Second was Pero, a cottoncandy pink Nocturne hatchling covered in vibrant skink spots and dirt toxin-patterned wings.

Third was Siel, a lead-colored Tundra with thick dark gray fur patterned with spots and silvery moon-colored wings.

Last was Psyche, a robin’s egg blue Skydancer with an iridescent body. His pumpkin-colored wings contrasted greatly with his lighter body and pearl underbelly.

Zone couldn’t help but feel proud. Perhaps he couldn’t go into the wilderness due to his fear. Perhaps he couldn’t fight wild beasts to keep his clan alive. Perhaps he couldn’t do many of the things that the rest of his clan had to suffer through.

But he could do this. He could give these orphans a home.

Perhaps it would one day lead to their deaths…but at least they had a chance here.


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