Day 169

1 - Recnac growth

Grow, baby, grow!

2 - SafeZone two days

Two days…

3 - scavenging

Went scavenging today. Found nothing cool…

4 - Festive Favors

Haven’t checked this in a while. Time to get that expensive holiday item! Yeah!

5 - Festive Favors after AH

…And then go to the Auction House, buy more Glowing Embers, and buy the Fire flight emblem too. Might spend more tomorrow to ensure I get the familiar and the vista. We’ll see…6 - Psitta chest apparel

7 - Keton chest holiday apparel

8 - Somia chest apparel

More stuff to dress up my dergs with! Somia is like a patchwork quilt but she still looks pretty~!

9 - material drop

More writing! Just three segments left now!


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