One big family

The trio of grown dragons peered down at the nest and the gooey eggs that bobbed in it. They had seen eggs before but never like this.

Safe smiled at her last nest’s reactions. Gerd and Keton looked at each other before watching their Mirror sibling, Leuk, reach out to touch an egg. It spun in the goo and Leuk shrieked, leaping away to shake goo from his claws. His Guardian brothers laughed at him, causing the sanguine Mirror to pout.

Safe rose to check on the nest. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust her youngest. She just needed to reassure herself that her newest brood was okay.

The eggs were undamaged. She sighed in relief.

She turned to watch her sons brawl across the stone floor, the brothers disinterested in the nest now. Leuk cried out as Gerd, bigger and stronger, pinned him. With a bellow, Keton rammed into his crimson sibling and sent both Guardians tumbling. They all laughed, butting heads.

It made Safe proud to see the power in her sons. But it also hurt.

Other sons had been powerful.

Yet they had died in the wilderness anyways.

Safe frowned, looking at her nest. New lives waiting to be born…

Was this all her life amounted to? Bringing new lives into the world to replace those that were lost?

It sure felt like it…

Zone nuzzled her. “Relax. You’re thinking too deeply again,” he rumbled.

“I can’t help it,” Safe admitted.

“Neither can I, but we must,” Zone said, nosing an egg gently. “We’ve got newborns on the way. We can’t sit around, lamenting over the past. What’s done is done. We can’t change that. We must move on…for them…”

Safe knew her mate spoke the truth.

But it would never erase the cruel pain that it brought into her heart every time she acknowledged that fact.


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