Silence of the hatchling

Auntie Lindro had told him that he’d come from a Grouse Basilisk in Woodland Path. That they had found his egg under its body upon its defeat. It and a Water Basilisk had been guarding his egg, fighting fiercely.

Recnac didn’t understand. Didn’t the basilisks know that his egg was a dragon’s egg, not a basilisk’s egg?

“Sometimes basilisks will incubate dragon eggs. It’s nature. Nobody is quite sure why that is,” Safe told him shortly after he’d learned how to write.

Yes. Recnac, the tiny one-day-old Mirror hatched from an egg guarded by a Grouse Basilisk, knew how to write. He had to.

He couldn’t speak. He was born mute.

He couldn’t make any vocal sounds. Not even a squeak. He tried. He attempted to mimic those around him to no avail. Nothing he did made his vocal chords work.

So he learned to write. Uncle Lyme could write, so Recnac stayed with the pink Skydancer and learned. They spent hours together, writing words and sentences in the sand with sticks.

The Mirror hatchling liked Lyme. He was distant and didn’t talk much either, but the Skydancer had stepped up to help Recnac get past his disability. This, Recnac liked a lot.

He still didn’t understand the egg thing, though.

How did he end up in Woodland Path? Did his real parents abandon him? Was he some mutant basilisk? Would he ever know?

Maybe one day, he could find that basilisk again and ask it. Just maybe…


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