So I stayed in the darkness with you

Kemia was dead.

Geri couldn’t quite get that through his head. It had been nearly a week since he’d seen her body but it still wouldn’t add up in his head.

Kemia. Dead. Gone.








Geri blinked. He was still huddled up in the nest he had once shared with the strange glittering Spiral named Kemia. The nest where their two sons, Lio and Toma, were born. This nest that he’d slunk to after Kemia’s burial and had not left since then.

“Geri? Brother?” Rabi curled by his Skydancer sibling’s side.

Geri didn’t react. He was numb. Had been for several days now. It was better than hurting inside. Better than crying. Numbness felt wonderful.

“Everyone’s worried about you,” Rabi said. “Lio and Toma say you won’t eat. You have to, you know. Dad says he’ll force feed you if you keep this up.”

Thinking of dad made Geri switch gears. Now he no longer mourned his mate. He mourned his mother–their mother, his and Rabi’s–Leth, Lymph’s first mate. Murdered in Woodland Path thanks to Janus plants. Slain not long after Geri was born.

Yet once Leth was gone, dad quickly found a new love…and built a new family. Geri felt bitter, had ever since he saw that first nest. Dad didn’t need him anymore. He had Ande, his new mate, and Lock and Chizo, his two lovely Ridgeback kids. What did he need remnants of his past love for?

“Geri? Please eat soon,” Rabi begged, getting up. “I love you.”

Geri said nothing. The Spiral sighed and left. Geri closed his eyes again.

Back to being numb and alone.


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