Day 170 part 1

Sorry for being gone before. Doing this really fast, have 20 mins left before I leave!

2 - Recnac growth

So close to adulthood~!

3 - SafeZone one day

One day…

1 - food gathering

Needed more food, for obvious reasons.

5 - Festive Favors vista purchase

Purchased the vista with what holiday items I got from my gathering escapades.

6 - Festive Favors familiar purchase

And then spent 40k treasure and 40 gems to get more holiday items so I could get the familiar. Got everything now!

4 - meat drop

Oh no, 50 battles…

7 - lair 1

8 - lair 2

9 - lair 3

10 - lair 4

Let’s see who goes!

11 - Ieremiya

Hello again, Ieremiya!

12 - Chemi

Oh no, it’s Chemi…

13 - Thrax

Oh no, it’s Thrax!!

14 - party

…That’s two Level 8s and a Level 5…

I refuse to kill all my high level dergs to try and conquer Scorched Forest. The last two pages of my lair are basically Level 1s. At this rate, I’ll be at the beginning of my challenge in no time.

Will do these battles later…in Woodland Path…on Medium Mode…


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