Missed Days, I Know

I know I missed the last two days for this. Sorry. I’m trying to do today fast but FR is not cooperating with me right now.

School has started, so this may happen from time to time. It’s my last year at college and I’ve got to hunker down for my capstone and such. I’ll try and warn you in advance if I’ll miss days but I apologize now if I cannot.

I missed Thursday due to an Anatomy paper I needed to do. I missed yesterday because I was busy and by the time I remembered this, it was past 2AM. Sorry…

I may miss today if FR doesn’t cooperate within the next hour. I have a get-together with friends that will eat up the rest of my night. Which sucks because I really want to get the last of those holiday items before tonight is done. Might just do the screenshots today (if FR cooperates) and put the post together tomorrow. We’ll see.


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