Day 171 part 1

2 - Recnac grown up

Look who grew up while I was gone! Hooray for Recnac!

3 - secondary dominance

We’ve got secondary dominance this week.

1 - food gathering

Gathered food to fill up the bellies of my dergs from my absence.

4 - SafeZone hatch

I’m late with this but here we go! Time to hatch this nest!

5 - hatchlings

Ooh, the second one looks cool!

6 - Rebra - cerebral

First is Rebra…from cerebral palsy…

7 - Zion - chalazion

Last is Zion…from chalazion…

Due to FR changing the site and filling lair pages with four rows of dergs rather than three, it makes taking lair screenshots difficult. Sorry.

Let’s see if I get to keep either of these babies!

8 - keep Rebra

Yes, I get Rebra!

9 - keep Zion

And Zion too! Yes!

10 - plant drop

And here comes Pinkerton to stomp on my parade. 20 battles!

Let’s see who goes!

11 - Geri

Oh no, Geri…

12 - Tryp

Tryp swaps places with his sister for today!

13 - Tigo

And Tigo rounds out the group. Oh my!

14 - party

These battles will be done tomorrow after class. It’s 20 in Woodland Path, so it should be relatively fast.


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