Weekly Report 25

I’ve missed a lot this week due to school and other unavoidable events. This may become a common occurrence this year, sadly. Just warning you in advance. But I am not quitting this!

Due to these four absences, not much really occurred this week for me. We had babies grow up:

1 - Siel grown up

2 - Psyche grown up

We found an egg in the Coliseum, guarded by basilisks. It hatched and grew up:

after battle 20 - wtf egg

16 - egg hatch 2

2 - Recnac grown up

And SafeZone’s newest nest has hatched, with no deaths:

6 - Rebra - cerebral

7 - Zion - chalazion

We have also switched back to Medium Mode now. I’ve had enough of losing high level dergs to Scorched Forest.

Now onto what’s in the Vault:

1 - food 1

2 - food 2

3 - food 3

4 - materials 1

5 - materials 2

6 - materials 3

7 - apparel

8 - familiars

9 - battle items

10 - other

What a long week this is becoming…


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