Day 173

Sorry for missing yesterday. I just have so much reading homework this semester. Gaah!

3 - Rebra growth

4 - Zion growth

So much growing up to do still!

1 - food gathering

I really, really need the food…

6 - Leuk chest apparel

7 - Lizotte chest apparel

8 - Pero chest apparel

Time to dress up my dergs more!

2 - creepy chest drop

Creepy thing to get from a chest. Just check out that description. Eek!

5 - apparel drop

Yes! Free breeding opportunity! Finally!

I was going to do an old pair or maybe WinseSiel…but I decided to chance it with beauty. PsychePero will be bred in 10 days when their cooldowns are done. Let’s see if they live that long…


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