Day 175 part 1

1 - Rebra growth

2 - Zion growth

Tomorrow, they will be grown!

3 - insect catching and scavenging

Caught insects since I was out and scavenged a bit.

4 - thanks Arcanist

Thanks for letting me scavenge this, Arcanist??

6 - Dreamer apparel

7 - Lizotte chest apparel

Dress up time~!

5 - insect drop

Great. 30 battles. Let’s see who goes!

8 - Somia

Been a while, Somia!

9 - Gerd

Gerd’s first time!

10 - Siel

Siel’s first time, too!

FR kinda took a dump after this due to loading issues. They really need to fix that. Will do the party shot and the battles tomorrow. Pretty sure I might be in Training Fields again, but I’m not 100% sure.



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