Day 175 part 2

11 - party

Funny story regarding these battles. I don’t think I recalled that I was not on Hard Mode anymore…because I went to Woodland Path…even though Somia was Level 5 and thus still eligible to take the party to Training Fields…

Yeah. Let’s go see what happened.

Battle 1

after battle 1

Good thing I have Potions up the butt for this…

Battle 2

after battle 2 - level up

after battle 2 - Siel level 2

Hooray for level ups!

Battle 5

after battle 5 - level up

after battle 5 - Siel level 3

Siel be living! Yay!

Battle 11

battle 11 - Siel dead

…Let me rescind that. GDI.

Siel exalt 2

Siel exalt 3

It was actually a few battles after exalting Siel that I realized that I could’ve been in Training Fields today, not Woodland Path. But it was too late by then…

after battle 11 - party

Thus I forged ahead with these two, Level 5 Somia and Level 4 Gerd (who is not a first-timer in the Coliseum, as I had originally thought).

Battle 13

after battle 13 - level up

after battle 13 - Somia level 6

Hooray, Somia!

Battle 18

after battle 18 - level up

after battle 18 - Gerd level 5

Decided to stick Gerd with magic, just to change it up. Sadly, I forgot to increase his INT because I wanted to buff his health and defense. Next time, I guess…

Battle 30

after battle 30

All done! Finally!


Somia level 6

Gerd level 5

I’m sorry that Siel died needlessly. Can’t believe I did that…


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