Day 176 part 1

1 - Rebra grown up

2 - Zion grown up

They’re finally grown! Yay!

3 - SafeZone nest

And just in time for their parents to have a new batch of kids!

4 - SafeZone five days

Five days…

5 - meat and scavenging

I needed more meat, so I divided my turns between hunting and scavenging. Nothing cool was found…

6 - Mafrea chest apparel

Mafrea finally has some chest apparel to dress up in~!

7 - lair expansion 1

8 - lair expansion 2

Upgraded the lair size again! Now I can have up to 70 dergs!

9 - plant drop

More Coliseum junk. 20 battles this time.

Let’s see who goes!

10 - Pero

Uh-oh, Pero’s first time…

11 - Malar

Been a while, Malar!

12 - Legion

Same to you, Legion!

13 - party

We’ll be off to Training Fields, NOT WOODLAND PATH, because Malar is Level 5. Battles and Weekly Report will be done tomorrow due to homework reading being done right now.


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