Fairytales are not found, they are written in the walls

Another of Safe’s children had died today.

After many complications with this nest, only one of the two hatchlings lived–a little cherry Mirror named Lis. Her Guardian brother, Ignious, died moments after breaking free of his egg. Zone had taken the body to bury it, leaving Safe to care for her new daughter.

It was disgusting, how used to this they all were. Death was viewed with indifference. The living were dutifully cared for while the dead were swiftly buried. This was their routine now.

Even hatchlings no longer stayed innocent to such scenes.

Lupus, a young blue Spiral found in the wastes, watched Zone carry Ignious’ limp form away. The tiny hatchling, nearly grown, huddled close to Parkin. The albino Snapper, a fellow orphan who had grown days ago, watched the scene indifferently before nudging Lupus away to give Safe space.

Death was simply part of life now. They could not argue or evade it. They had to accept it.

Safe nuzzled her daughter gently, heart soaring with every hungry squeak that broke through those tiny jaws. In two more days, she would bear another nest. Until then, Lis would command her full attention.

Because of the complications of this nest, Lis was very late to be born. While Safe cared for her next nest, the newborn would be surrendered to her oldest daughter Chemi to care for. Chemi had ached for another nest of her own. Caring for Lis should pacify her.

Safe just hoped Lis survived and was happy. That was all she wanted.


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