Flight Dieties

I’ve had this ready for a while. I’ve had to refer to theĀ FR Encyclopedia to ensure I’ve got all of this correct. If you want more information, go over there and read about the first three ages of history. That’s where this comes from.

So you guys who don’t go to FR or don’t have accounts can visualize them, I’ve hunted down the profiles of the leaders of all eleven FR flights. Not just the Plaguebringer, my flight deity. All of them.

Earthshaker 1

The Earthshaker is one of the First Four. He created mountains and valleys from great slabs of stone to mold the landscape on the surface of the world. His opinion of how the world should be was this: “The mountains should be taller, the canyons greater. Our home should stand ironclad against the dangers of the heavens, protected against cosmic bombardment.”

Flamecaller 2

The Flamecaller is one of the First Four. From beneath the earth’s crust, she tested the realm with volcanic eruptions and streams of molten fury. Her opinion of how the world should be was this: “Our home should be turned inside-out, and lava should churn violently across its surface. Through me, it could rival the Sun itself in brightness and energy.”

Windsinger 3

The Windsinger was one of the First Four. He traced lines of air currents around the globe and crafted clouds as if he had painted them with a great brush, all from high above the earth. His opinion of how the world should be was this: “The air should be filled with a thousand screaming vortexes, singing a song that the Heavens will never forget.”

Tidelord 4

The Tidelord was one of the First Four. He summoned great storms and floods to cool the molten fury of the Flamecaller’s creations, letting the heat and moisture intermingle to create continents, oceans, and rivers. His opinion of how the world should be was this: “With more water, the world would shine like a blue pearl, unlike so many in the Heavens. It could stand alone in beauty and tranquility.”

Stormcatcher 7

The Stormcatcher was created due to a war between the Tidelord and the Windsinger in the FirstĀ Age. The clouds charged with cataclysmic energy from their violent warring, creating awful storms and eventually expelling a horrendous cascade of electric tempests, birthing this frustrated being.

Icewarden 6

The Icewarden was created due to a war between the Flamecaller and the Earthshaker. The Earthshaker had altered the world’s orbit and the Flamecaller spewed smoke into the atmosphere, blotting out the sun and creating the frigid ice fields in the southern hemisphere. The isolated bottom of the world froze over, creating this being.

Lightweaver 8

The Lightweaver was created when magical essences kicked up during the day by the warring First Four were baked by the sunlight, creating this bright deity. The warring drastically altered the ritual of day. After coming into existence, she was already annoyed by all of the violence in the realm.

Shadowbinder 5

The Shadowbinder was created by the night-gripped half of the planet. The unstable energies of the night birthed her. She peeked at the various confrontations between the First Four from deep, dark pockets in the land and judged them as they ruined a world that they had spent centuries creating.

Gladekeeper 9

The Gladekeeper was born from the charred remains of life and industry. Concentrated energies rained onto the landscape, causing greenery to grow and enrich the roots of plants that had survived the apocalyse.

Plaguebringer 10

The Plaguebringer was birthed at the same time as the Gladekeeper, her sister. She tests the worth of every being and judges whether it deserves rebirth, leaving a frighteningly scarred wasteland behind her.

Arcanist 11

The Arcanist was birthed from the explosion of a magical reactor and is the youngest of the deities. He wished to document the expanse of space, only for his curiosity to reawaken an old foe of the world’s.

The rest of the story is documented in the Encyclopedia linked above at the top. Go and read it. It is very interesting.