Been a while

Yes, it has been quite a while since I did anything for this challenge beyond keeping the lair from being dead over on FR: NuzlockeProject lair

I think I have a new system I wish to do this by, since doing it my old way was extremely tedious. And I think I have a better idea of why my dergs kept dying in Woodland Path and Scorched Forest so much, thanks to my pal ManicMagistrate on FR and some research in the forums.

The lore will still be the same and I’m not scraping any of my current dergs. Those all get to stay alive and well. Everything stays. It’ll be my system of presenting the events here that’s going to change.

For one, I’ll try and keep the images to not so many. Those cluttered me up and made putting these posts together take forever! So I’m taking a page out of my fellow Pinkerlocking pal PinkerlockeWIP‘s book and not doing individual coin flips for nests. Going to try and condense images as best I can and hope that helps me.

As for the Coliseum and leveling up, I’m tempted to pick my own teams there…yet my inner sadist demands I stay with the old system of random number generating them, if only to honor my older dergs. For leveling up, my issue was that I kept spreading points out…when I really should either focus on defenses and health…or attack, speed, and crit chances. The spreading out of stats was what made Scorched Forest such a pain and an impossible task for me to do. ManicMagistrate proved this to me with three of her new babies and how, even at Level 5, they were plowing through Woodland Path like nothing because she focused on attack, speed, and crit rather than everything. So that is the rough system I will try to follow for all my Level 1 and future dergs. If I ever get enough cash for Tinctures (those reset stats to 0 and let me put all the accumulated points where I please), I may try to do this to my older dergs if any survive that long.

To start with, I’m taking pics of my current lair…and then I’ll be rearranging it so that all my current Level 1 dergs are at the back and all my leveled dergs are at the front, minus Safe and Zone obviously (progen perk, they stay in the front slots forever!). That’ll let me know who I can set on the new Coliseum plan and who I’ll need to adjust if I hope to keep them alive.

Though you guys can’t see it, I’ve got Safe and Zone’s nest fully incubated. If FR quits loading randomly and stuff on my comp so I can progress, I will be hatching them. They will represent the HOPE that stemmed from nobody dying during the huge haitus that occurred. This nest will not be coin flipped to prevent what happened during my first ever nest during this challenge (spoiler alert, the whole nest died, Safe and Zone were very sad).

I currently have no treasure or gems since I sent those to ManicMagistrate, along with anything valuable I gained from chests while I was keeping my lair alive. My Vault is cleaned out too so I can make a fresh start. I still have all the familiars I’ve collected, along with the April Fool’s mirror from last year and the holiday apparel that I’ve collected since then.

Overall, this’ll be a roughly fresh start! Let’s hope it goes better and not as many dergs die in Woodland Path this time…


Sorry for extended delay!!

I’ve been so busy with school that doing the nuzlocke during the school week right now is near impossible. Add that on top of a funeral I had been to last weekend and yeah…

In short, I’m very behind and have no clue when I’ll catch up.

For now, my hunger is low so going into the Coliseum is impossible. So I’ll just be trying to feed my dergs for now. Once their hunger is solved and I’ve got free time, I’ll try to get back to doing this.


Updates on posting

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been posting during most of the general school week (Monday through Thursday). This is because of the large amount of homework load I have from class this semester. As my last year of college, I need to focus on this.

This means the nuzlocke comes second, along with everything else.

I am doing my best to post during weekends. If need be, I may gather food and holiday items off-record during school days so that my lair doesn’t drastically die before I have to go into a Coliseum…and so I don’t miss out on awesome holiday stuff. Weekly Reports are suspended for now as I just don’t have time. Sorry.

So yeah, that’s our tentative game plan. Let’s see how else my life screws it up.

Day 173

Sorry for missing yesterday. I just have so much reading homework this semester. Gaah!

3 - Rebra growth

4 - Zion growth

So much growing up to do still!

1 - food gathering

I really, really need the food…

6 - Leuk chest apparel

7 - Lizotte chest apparel

8 - Pero chest apparel

Time to dress up my dergs more!

2 - creepy chest drop

Creepy thing to get from a chest. Just check out that description. Eek!

5 - apparel drop

Yes! Free breeding opportunity! Finally!

I was going to do an old pair or maybe WinseSiel…but I decided to chance it with beauty. PsychePero will be bred in 10 days when their cooldowns are done. Let’s see if they live that long…

Missed Days, I Know

I know I missed the last two days for this. Sorry. I’m trying to do today fast but FR is not cooperating with me right now.

School has started, so this may happen from time to time. It’s my last year at college and I’ve got to hunker down for my capstone and such. I’ll try and warn you in advance if I’ll miss days but I apologize now if I cannot.

I missed Thursday due to an Anatomy paper I needed to do. I missed yesterday because I was busy and by the time I remembered this, it was past 2AM. Sorry…

I may miss today if FR doesn’t cooperate within the next hour. I have a get-together with friends that will eat up the rest of my night. Which sucks because I really want to get the last of those holiday items before tonight is done. Might just do the screenshots today (if FR cooperates) and put the post together tomorrow. We’ll see.

GDI Flight Rising

Flight Rising keeps freezing for me whenever I try to hit up the Coliseum today. Since it’s getting late, I’ll just call it quits and try again tomorrow with completing yesterday’s 30 battles.

I’ve screencapped most of today’s stuff and collected the Pinkerton drop. That’ll also be posted tomorrow. Let’s hope FR gets its act together by then…